Technology for Repeatable Electronically Accessible Data Sharing

A framework and user interface built from the ground up as an easy-to-use platform for dynamically controlled customizable inter-organizational data sharing.


Data sharing platform


Simple user interface

Intuitive administrative interface for managing data share relationships and connections.



Usage and analytics are tracked for each share so you know what data is being accessed and how often.



Connect endpoints and services securely. You decide what data is or is not shared.


Code-free schema transformation

Easily match your data to the destination schema with our easy-to-use interface.

Easy to Customize.
Get started today.

Easily manage your data sharing relationships using an intuitive interface. Control your data, who it's shared with, and when the data expires. Customize the schema at any time without writing one line of code.

  • Centralized data platform
  • Automated processes
  • Secure and reliable end-to-end connectivity
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Who is TREADS designed for?

TREADS is built for entities that have complex and variable data sharing needs, whether you have data to share or receive from another entity.


Reduced development costs

By having a code-free interface, TREADS reduces the costs of development when needs change.


Lower barrier to entry

Sharing data between partners in just a few clicks.


Centralized control

Centrally manage and track usage of the shared data all in one place.